Welcome to our company’s inaugural newsletter, Dinner Table Discussions! We appreciate you joining our growing family of over 50,000 subscribers.

Here at Future Funders we know that financial literacy means knowing how to make financial decisions. The problem is that most of us aren't taught the fundamentals of financial literacy growing up in the classroom or from society. As a result, this lack of financial literacy knowledge and confidence can manifest itself in some incredibly challenging moments once we enter the real world.

Despite not learning much about financial literacy growing up either, what has allowed me to ignore this problem (until now) is a 10+ year career in finance working for some of the most prestigious investment banks and asset management firms in the world. Through this career I have learned the ins and outs of how our financial systems works allowing me to pick up a lot of practical lessons I never learned growing up.

The main point of change however was the birth of my daughters, Scarlett and Chloe (that’s me and Scarlett below - Chloe is just a few months old right now). I realized that making sure our kids get a strong financial education is one of the most important things I can do as their dad, and so I thought long an hard about how I want to help.

And that’s how both our company, Future Funders, as well as our flagship newsletter, Dinner Table Discussions, were born.

Through Dinner Table Discussions we hope to empower all parents with knowledge.

As we will say often, we don’t care about big banks, politicians, or large corporations. We care about families. Thank you for join our growing list of over 50,000 parents getting smarter on the money issues that matter to them!

Chat soon,

Will & the Future Funders Team