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Plus: Some credit card relief, new A.I. rules, the kids aren't alright, and more....

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Hey Future Funders family,

Happy Monday.

Our family’s favorite burger joint, Five Guys, was recently under fire on X with nearly 25 million people having something to say about the below receipt.

Yes, that’s $24 for one person.

And no, my wife will be not cutting Five Guys out of our budget anytime soon.

Ok, let’s get to it.

Was this email forwarded to you?

Headlines That Matter

🛖 Some hope for housing? Since 2021, Opendoor has conducted quarterly surveys of over 4,000 prospective home sellers. And there has been relatively little change in the number of those planning to sell within the year, that is, until now. 18% more respondents said they were looking to sell their homes over the next 12 months as we head into the traditional spring selling season, which gives some hope that tight home inventory levels start to loosen up a bit this year.

Our take: These numbers look like a rainbow for all of the prospective buyers that have been weathering through this difficult market. Inventory numbers do tend to move with interest rates, and there were some recent positive comments by the Fed chairman that may indicate rate cuts sooner vs. later (we still think June will be likely the first cut). What this all looks like to us is that there should be gradually more and more opportunity for homebuyers as we move through. To prepare, make sure you check out our homebuying checklist first.

💳 Credit card relief. Federal regulators actually did something positive for constituents, agreeing to finalize plans to cap credit card late fees at $8 (currently, fees average $32 a month for a missed or late payment). Estimates anticipate this change could save households $14 billion annually as all major banks have to comply with the rule within 60 days (by June 1).  

Our take: The ruling is likely to get challenged in court, so we might have to wait a few months…. but overall we think it’s refreshing to hear that families struggling with inflation and credit card debt will get a break for once. For more tips on paying off debt, we recently highlighted the debt snowball and avalanche methods which are two effective strategies to take.

📱 AI can’t call you. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just announced the unanimous adoption of a Declaratory Ruling that recognizes calls made with AI-generated voices are now illegal. 

Our take: This one makes us feel slightly better that there are at least some roadblocks being put up, even if it’s just a small win. We still would recommend every family adopt a safe word and continue to pay attention to the increasing AI technology changes impacting our kids (we’ll be sure to highlight anything important here).

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Money Topic In Focus

Easy Ways To Earn More Money

🚀 What’s happening: These days, everyone’s talking about side hustles.

Maybe it’s because many of us are white-knuckling it through the month now that a carton of eggs is considered a luxury item (thanks, inflation).

Then there’s the fact that the average American household pays over $6,080 in monthly expenses.

But what if there was a way to give your family budget a little breathing room? Maybe a few hundred or even $1,000 extra a month?

We’ve looked into 10 unconventional ways to earn some extra 💵 this month – all outside your traditional 9-5 box.

We’re sure there’s at least 1 method you haven’t considered before (like #9).

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Deals, Reads, and Other Finds…

🍟 Family fast food deals. While we aren’t thrilled with a $5 small fry from Five Guys (and honestly try not to let our kids eat too much fast food), we did find the best 25 family fast food deals this month.

🎤 The kids aren’t alright. If you have some time we suggest listening to a great podcast with Bari Weiss and author Abigail Shrier who talks about a troubling reality today— how American kids are the freest, most privileged kids in all of history but they are also the saddest, most anxious, depressed, and medicated generation on record. Why? Give this a listen and let us know what you think.

📜 Quote Of The Week

“We believe the notion that ‘children will model the behavior they see’ is false. They have seen us sleep. They do not sleep.”


Dinner Discussion ❓

Last week’s question: Would you lend money to a family member or friend as an investment?

Results: This one was very close with 53% of you saying you would not lend money to a family member or friend as an investment.

Lots of great points were raised about how it can change the dynamics of a relationship and ultimately it’s a very personal decision. Thanks to all who participated in the discussion!

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