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Plus: Falling home sales, watching oil prices coming down, dupes are becoming a shopping trend, and more...

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“I finally had the talk with my kids. I told them animals in the wild eat their young so they better get their act together.”


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Headlines That Matter

Fact Or Fiction

🚀 What’s happening: We won’t recap the whole OpenAI saga (for that you can click here for a good summary), but what has us a little on edge is a report that several staffers sent a letter to the board of directors days before Sam Altman’s dismissal warning about a new breakthrough that could threaten human existence.

Go on.

Reportedly the breakthrough was an AI model named Q* (Q-Star) that can solve grade school level math problems correctly. Solving the same math problems as kids who still believe in Santa Claus may not sound impressive, but it is.

To date, AI models are much better at patterns and probabilities, but they struggle to answer questions with one right answer (i.e. math problems). The reason is that they source their information from available data, they don’t “solve it” themselves.

So what?

It’s worth noting that as of this publishing the report is still unconfirmed, but, if OpenAI did develop this type of AI, it would be the first step needed for achieving something called artificial general intelligence (AGI).

AGI in simple terms has been like the holy grail for these engineers. Anything with AGI is believed to be able to accomplish any task a human is capable of with the power to start to “reason” and “think” for itself.

👪 Closer to home: Whether or not this one story is 100% accurate, we think it is a matter of time until AGI happens, so we are firmly in the camp of those that think it is time to lobby Washington or some independent body to put some guardrails around this technology. We see a future with AI as exciting, but also terrifying at the same time.

From and investing standpoint, whether or not this news is real is likely to only accelerate the push toward AGI. Microsoft is the biggest shareholder of OpenAI, so the whole saga likely fuels speculation that Microsoft will buy the whole company one day.

We would also expect companies like Google to react if they think they are falling behind and the race for AI talent should heat up (so basically, if you have young kids it’s time to get them going in this field).

And in all seriousness, talk to your kids about AI, watch the headlines of companies in the space (NVIDIA, probably the biggest AI stock of the moment, just reported earnings), and don’t ever feel like you are too far behind to learn (you aren’t, the field of AI is really still just getting started).

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Can’t Hardly Wait

🚀 What’s happening: Between 2016 and 2019 housing wealth was the single biggest contributor to an increase in net worth across all income groups in the U.S.

Even despite the tougher market this year and sky high interest rates, over 90% of Americans say that owning a home is still part of the American Dream.

Experts weigh in.

Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks in the world, just released their housing market prediction for 2024 and in their base case forecast they expect home prices to decline by 3% with new home sales to continue to outpace existing home sales.

In a upside case scenario where the economy accelerates they could see prices rise ~5% (for the record so far this year home prices are up about 2%) and in a negative scenario where the economy tanks they could see prices drop about 8%.

👪 Closer to home: It’s anyone’s guess what will actually happen to the housing market in 2024, but it’s worth at least paying attention to what the banks (like Morgan Stanley) have to say.

For our two cents, we think the next few macro economic data points (namely the November Jobs Report 12/8, CPI 12/12, and the next Fed decision 12/13) should all continue to point to cooling inflation and rates likely starting to come down next year.

As a result, if you are in the market for a home it might pay to wait (if possible) and make sure that you are prepared to act in 2024.

Further Reading: Your Home Buying Checklist

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Dinner Discussion ❓

Have you tried ChatGPT yourself (or one of its competitors)?

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 The Side Dishes

Your Money And Your Kids

🏡 While home sales remain tough, nearly 40% of current homeowners don’t have a mortgage. If this is you, and should rates move down, you may be able to earn a positive return on investment by taking out some debt (but of course know the risks - more on the concept of ROI here).

🛢️ Don’t look now but the price for a barrel of oil (WTI crude) has fallen almost $20 to about $75 per barrel in the last two months (rule of thumb is every $10 per barrel equals about 25 cents per gallon at the pump). Reasons for the drop include a slowing global economy and less indication that middle eastern countries are set to cut supply further anytime soon (track it yourself here).

💸 Does money buy happiness? 6 in 10 Americans think it does according to a recent study, but our takeaway was the results point more to happiness resulting from having a plan of action vs. a high net worth.

📺 We admit this one was less relevant to your wallet, but thought this video explanation on why more Americans need subtitles today to watch TV explains a lot.

👖 Less expensive versions of name brand products, or “dupes”, are becoming a fast growing trend for shoppers this holiday season (and are making a lot of big brands nervous).

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Dinner Discussion ❓

Answer: While 60% of Americans are familiar with what ChatGPT is, only 14% have actually tried it. What surprised us even more is that a recent research study found that only about 1 in 5 teens are using it actively to help with schoolwork.

Last but not least, watch this before your next parent teacher conference.

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