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Plus: Invest with Bill Ackman, car prices are moving down, new AI fraud costs employer $25 million, and more....

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For all our readers that are suffering from the Super Bowl flu, just know that over 16 million other Americans join you in pain today.

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The Main Course

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Loud Budgeting

🚀 What’s happening: The TikTok generation has coined a new viral trend: loud budgeting. And for once, we’re actually on board.

The trend promotes accountability, a goal to understand other peoples’ money issues, and fosters an open discussion of money not seen much traditionally in our society.

Let’s dive into what the term means, where it came from, and how you can use it to stick to your goals.

 Dining With RAD AI

This AI Startup Investment is Winning

RAD AI has developed technology that transforms the $633B MarTech industry. Its award-winning AI tells brands who their customer is and how to best create content for them. 

Investors are taking notice, here’s why: 

1) $27M raised from 6,000+ investors, including VCs, execs at Google and Amazon. Backed by Adobe Fund for Design.

2) Dubbed “essential AI” for brands looking to attract new audiences and boost ROI. 

3) 3X revenue growth, clients include Hasbro, Sweetgreen, MGM and more.

83% Subscribed, Invest Before Feb. 16th, Closing Soon.

Dinner Discussion ❓

What percentage of U.S. households do you think keep a regular monthly budget?

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Answer below.

The Side Dishes

🚗Used car pricing is coming down…sort of. Since we are in the market for a car we are closely following the Manheim Index used car pricing report which just showed a 9.2% drop in January from a year ago (yay). Our excitement was tempered though by the fact that used car prices are still +30% from pre-Covid levels. If you can wait to purchase, we would expect these prices keep coming down through the year (for anyone also in the market for a car we found this guide helpful).

🔎 Deepfake scams are heating up. The stakes for artificial intelligence related scams are only getting higher (like for this poor guy who was deepfaked out of $25 million while on the job). Future Funders is working on a more in depth ‘deepfake money scams’ series, but for now we would suggest creating a safe word for your family asap.

👏 Man of the people? Bill Ackman, the famous billionaire investor, just filed paperwork with authorities to launch a fund which will be open to regular investors and listed on New York Stock Exchange. If you are curious and want to learn more but don’t want to read the full filing, we break down the positives and negatives of the offering here.

🎓 Swing and a miss. Colleges are having to push back deadlines for enrollment, application, and financial aid after the U.S. Department of Education announced it wouldn’t be able to share financial aid application information with schools until March. Reason for the delay? A “new and improved” free application process for federal aid this year… that was 3 months late (and still has constant glitches).

💰 Buy vs. build. For those of you who answered last week’s poll wanting to learn more about the process of buying a private business, we put together a quick high level guide for you.

Dinner Discussion ❓

Answer: Nearly three quarters of Americans (74%) keep a monthly budget. But if you take that to mean that everyone is perfect, they’re not. Over 80% of people who have a budget also say they go over and have trouble sticking to it (our family included!).

📜 Quote Of The Week

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”

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