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Headlines That Matter

🪙 BlackRock takes a view on crypto. Financial firm BlackRock made headlines with the prediction that returns for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin will go down from here. Since getting approval from regulators for their Bitcoin ETF (what’s and ETF?) in January, BlackRock has attracted nearly $19 billion in investor capital, but now their head of of digital assets is warning that as the industry becomes more mature, returns over the next decade are going to come down.

Our take: While we think that large financial firms like BlackRock have an outsized importance and means to influence our financial sector, we tend to agree with the principle that returns of mature industries go down from when they are just starting out (e.g. if you invest in Amazon stock today your returns are likely to be much less than if you invested in Amazon stock in 2001).

Still, for all the people who remain very positive on Bitcoin and want the most optimistic picture, here it is: Bitcoin enthusiasts would argue it can become just as valuable as other alternative currencies, like gold. All the gold today in the world is worth about $10-14 trillion depending on who you ask, and all the Bitcoin in the world is worth only a little over $1 Trillion. So if you think BlackRock is wrong, that’s what you would believe.

We see the truth probably somewhere in the middle.

🤐 XOXO gossip girl. The 12 members of the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal reserve system work together to set interest rates. Which is why when they share the slightest shred of news, it lights a wildfire of chatter amongst Wall Street. Well this week a member of the committee, Christopher Waller, spoke and sounded in absolutely no hurry to start lowing interest rates anytime soon, leaving many are calling them two faced.

Our take: You may be wondering, who cares? He is only one member, right? But it’s worth noting that it was Waller who spoke last November about the need to possibly lower rates first. So this change of tune is noteworthy for anyone who cares about the near future of interest rates.

Our view is that we still are likely to get a few cuts this year and have actually tended to grow a bit more cautious on the economic situation of late as we continue to see small signs that the consumer is weakening (here is a great recap of some factors).

🐊 Florida bans social media for kids. In a new bill just signed into law, the state of Florida is banning social media accounts for kids younger than 14 (and allowing it for kids 15 and 16 if they have parental consent). Several other states have enacted similar laws to limit teen social media including Ohio and Arkansas, although all are being challenged by NetChoice LLC, a coalition of social media platforms whose members include Meta, Google and X, among others.

Our take: This comes on the back of our poll a few weeks ago where 84% of you thought social media should be banned for kids under a certain age. We make no predictions on the legality of this law (we are not lawyers), but as a parent raising two kids in Florida, I was pretty relieved to see them take action on this. Who knows, if no kids can have it, then maybe we can return to simpler childhoods.

Dining with Ryse

Missed out on Ring and Nest? Don’t let RYSE slip away!

Ring 一 Acquired by Amazon for $1.2B

Nest 一 Acquired by Google for $3.2B

If you missed out on these spectacular early investments in the Smart Home space, here’s your chance to grab hold of the next one.

RYSE is a tech firm poised to dominate the Smart Shades market (growing at an astonishing 55% annually), and their public offering of shares priced at just $1.50 has opened. 

They have generated over 20X growth in share price for early shareholders, with significant upside remaining as they just launched in over 100 Best Buy stores.

Retail distribution was the main driver behind the acquisitions of both Ring and Nest, and their exclusive deal with Best Buy puts them in pole position to dominate this burgeoning industry.

Money Topic In Focus

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Avoid Taxes While Investing (Legally)

🚀 What’s happening: The world of investing can be tricky enough without having to worry about taxes. But investing for your family's future is not just about selecting the right assets; it's also about understanding the tax implications that come with those investments and strategizing around them.

Let’s talk about eight effective strategies to minimize taxes on your investment income

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Is it important to you to avoid taxes (as legally possible) when you plan investments?

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Deals, Reads, and Other Finds…

🏃‍♂️ Zone training works. As we get older we are always on the lookout for new science when it comes to training or nutrition that help give us the best chance of staying healthy for our kids. We recently discovered zone training from following one of our favorites, ex Navy Seal, and author of Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins. Zones are simply ranges of heart rates that correspond to intensity levels you choose to train at. This eases your cardiovascular system into more intense workouts while also reducing risk of injury.

💸 Teach kids to make money. One thing we never learn in school is how to actually make money. That’s why we came up with some ways to teach your kids the three main ways we all earn.

📜 Quote Of The Week

“Sleep when your baby sleeps, everyone knows this classic tip. But I say, why stop there? Scream when your baby screams, take Benadryl when your baby takes Benadryl, and walk around pantless when your baby walks around pantless.’”

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Last week’s question: Do you think a prenup is a good, or bad idea?

Results: This one was heavily debated (thank you for all the responses!) with 57% of you saying it was a good idea and 43% saying it was a bad idea. Head to our IG stories to see what people had to say.

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